Cuando no coincide el valor de busqueda, funcion look up

Buen día. Saludos! Como se redacta la formula para definir un msgbox como respuesta al no haber coincidencia con el valor buscado en una función lookup.

How are you using the LOOKUP() function? Or are you referring to the search box at the top of the app screen?

Hola Steve. En el siguiente Lookups Demo: quede con la duda cuando Santiago le comento a Tony, cuando no coincide el valor de busqueda, se podria agregar una formula para indicar que el valor introducido por el usuario no existe.
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The suggestion in the video is to use a use a column of type Show to display a message when the LOOKUP() expression fails to find a match. To accomplish this, you would need to create a column of type Show, Category of Text, a Content expression with the text of the message you want displayed (e.g., "Email address not found."), and a Show? expression that determines when to show the message (e.g., when the Chosen Email column is not blank but the Looked-up Name column is: AND(ISNOTBLANK([Chosen Email]), ISBLANK([Looked-up Name]))). You would probably want this column to occur in your form immediately after the column it’s validating (e.g., immediately after the Chosen Email column).

Here’s a sample app, similar to the one @tony presented, with the Show column:

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Buen dia Steve. Muchas gracias! Funciona a la perfección.