Curious about the community's approach to app regression testing

Hi everyone, my team has built several apps with complex security filter logic as well as a number of conditional Show_If conditions for views displayed in the primary dashboard view. As we continue to evolve these apps, we’re finding the manual testing effort required to cover all the different test cases is becoming onerous. I’m curious about how other members of the AppSheet community have addressed their regression testing needs?

Thanks for sharing any tips!

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Isn’t that what beta users are for?
Bahaha :laughing::yum:

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Well, I’ve changed my app considerably and constantly based on user feedback.
I know it is embarrassing at times, but what is good is that if it’s a problem that I can’t fix, I can share it here, and someone on the team may fix it. If it’s ignored, then that’s just an opportunity lost for AppSheet to get better and more competitive.

Before the user touches it, if it’s a big change, I create a prototype app copy, do tests to see if everything is valid, then make those same changes to the original deployed app. Then I delete the prototype app. I don’t have an iPhone so some concerns from iOS users catch me by surprise.

@James_Rowe have you considered Selenium IDE or BrowserStack’s Automate? I haven’t tried it on AppSheet apps yet, but guessing both of these tools could run through a test suite on either your app’s preview (when viewed in a new window) or a prototype app copy as @Ricardo_Gonzalez suggested. I’m in the process of transferring some of our business process automation to AppSheet and thinking I’ll need to implement some automated testing processes for some key actions later this year, so curious to know everyone’s thoughts as well.