Curious - Integration with an E-Signature App?

Is anyone aware of a way to generate a PDF thru the workflow that would integrate with an e-signature app such as Sign Now or any of the other dozen options?

Would love to be able to generate a PDF from workflow that was ready for signatures using an e signature app.

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Provided the e-signature vendor has an exposed API, it could be quite possible to generate an e-signed PDF directly from AppSheet’s PDF workflow. Check this out > Best eSignature APIs

DocuSign REST is the best one I had used before as well


@LeventK Thank you. Time to learn about API. Would you be able to give me a little better understand of how these mechanics work? Would the API allow the PDF to be sent directly from the AppSheet workflow ready for signatures or would it simply import the PDF into DocuSign ready to be mocked up?

Just trying to get a better idea of how to begin learning about this.

You will be needing Google Apps Script for what you are trying to achieve because in general the e-Signature apps expect the files to be uploaded to their system either as a blob or as a binary. Therefore you will need Google Apps Script support to locate the PDF workflow in your gDrive, convert it to a blob or binary (depending on which type is required by the REST API service that you intend to use), make a HTTP POST call to their API endpoint, upload the file and eSign the document.

Some eSignature REST API services has a feature to email the signed document, but some don’t. If yours have this feature, then you can send thru their Mail Service, if they don’t have then you need to make a secondary HTTP POST call to their API endpoint to download the signed document and send the file via Gmail API.

Vendors which have Email Service for the signed document, generally needs a subscription plan upgrade to use that feature and depending on the vendor’s prices, it might be a bit costly depending on how many documents you sign and send per month. Nevertheless, you always have the option to download the signed document from your own container and email it either manually or via Google Apps Script.

For example; DocuSign is a bit pricey service. If I remember correctly, a 100 signing process was around $1,200 per month with the very basic plan.


Thank you for this information. I appreciate the time it took to give this detail.

Alternatively, have you seen the signature feature that is currently on Appsheet?

@Billy_Sheng Absolutely. I use the signature function daily in my field service app. The challenge I was exploring was finding a way to get signatures remotely for service agreement documents.

Is it possible to get them remotely?