Curious.... the deckview, is not allowing use...

(Dave Ranglos) #1

Curious… the deckview, is not allowing user the ability to swipe from slide to slide? Was fine I am Pretty sure I have configured the switch to allow users to swipe?

Sorry for the bother!!

(Nekorn Lammayot) #2

Are you having issues swiping too?

Yes, the deck view is not allowing users to swipe slide to slide. Is there a switch to allow users to swipe? I wasn’t aware there was one.

(Kirk Masden) #3

Same here. I’ve tried it on both Android and iOS devices and neither work.

On the app editor (web interface) you can click to

change from one record so another (as you would with swipe on a phone) but the movement is very sudden (the smooth transition we are used to is gone).

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

@Morgan_Dixon_AppShee FYI

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

There is a bug that broke swiping, but Morgan has a fix for it coming out tomorrow

(Dave Ranglos) #6

Looking Good!!!

(Kirk Masden) #7

I would say “Working but not yet looking good” because the nice, smooth transition I’m used to is gone – the screen changes instantly.

This is the case on my phone and on the app editor (web) interface.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #8

@Kirk_Masden, you are right. I remember we broke this transition once before. I will check with Morgan. He is doing some difficult refactoring

in this part of our code base.

(Kirk Masden) #9

@praveen Thanks! I think that people who are building apps tend to be more interested in functionality but I suspect that the “feel” of an app is quite important to ordinary users.

I love the feel of AppSheet and so I really appreciate your attention to details like this.

Please give Morgan my best.

I can only imagine the complexities of working with the code base but I certainly do enjoy the results of the coding you all do!