Custom actions on form submission don't run

I have an Event_Master table whose form runs an action group once saved. The group contains the system generate “Add” action and two custom ones. The first one creates an entry for the Slot_Master table using values from the event master table and the second one links those two together.

The issue i am facing is that although the “Add” action runs just fine, my custom actions do not. Any ideas?

Hi @Stelios_Papamichail. Some of the action types are navigation actions, which take you to another view in the app or open up another app. When you have a navigation action in a grouped action, the subsequent actions don’t run. The system-generated Add action is a navigation action that opens up a “new row” form.

I’m not sure exactly what you want to do, but you could move the Add action to the end of the list of actions in your grouped action. Your first two actions would run, and then the Add action would open up the form again.

(Another way to do this would be to enable Auto-Reopen for your form view)