Custom App Logo not appearing on iOS shortcut

Need help, I have a Custom App Logo for my application, when trying to install the shortcut on iPhone, the logo is not showing up. It’s showing up fine on android.

I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference. Thank you!

Please contact for help with this.

i have the exact same problem.

Same problem here - even a logo I have successfully used before for an AppSheet app no longer works. I see exactly the same screen as nathanbarcial has posted

Same problem here. Something changed in the past few weeks as before then this worked no issue.

This post may be related as well:

appsheet does not respond…

do you have any luck with appsheet? i don’t. lost hope.

have u had any luck getting a proper repsonse from Appsheet? i dont.

No response from support yet. I have not been able to figure out how to solve. Seems to happen only for some of my apps when I use an icon from google drive. Png vs JPEG did not matter and some of my apps upload the “brand” icon from gdrive and create shortcuts without issue. Very strange.

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I have the same experience trying to make it work – wasting so much time, without success. That is all the more frustrating that Appsheet does not provide any info on the problem when the problem would appear to affect so many.

AppSheet Creator Community

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I´ve experienced exactly the same issue few weeks ago in IOS devices.
Now, in addition, since 11Apr, my change logo buttton is blocked.
I´ve opened an incident to the support team.
Waiting for the resolution of this annoying problem.

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Developers are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. I encourage anyone affected by the problem to notify so they have an idea of the impact.

A fix was deployed yesterday. Please let us know if you’re still seeing the same issue.
Thank you


@Arthur_Rallu - it’s working again for me. Thanks for resolving the issue!

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Thanks for confirming.
Usually we post this in the Feature Release Notes, but it seems it didn’t make it for some reason.

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