Custom App Logo not appearing on iOS shortcut

Hi Folks,

Does any one find any solution ?

Or just I must accepted no logo in IOS ?

Please contact Support for help with this.

Hi Arthur, This exact issue (no logo in icon) is still happening. I opened up the hamburger menu on my app launcher for my client to add a shortcut and the shortcut is like [nathanbarcial] stated at the opening of this thread … black and no logo. My clients want to see their branding. Has there been a an actual fix installed?? Thank you

The engineering team already has a fix to the recent issue reported by @vummer and others afterwards. The fix is not yet deployed though. ETA is the first week of December. Why so long? AppSheet is pausing deployments for some period around Black Friday (Nov 26th) to avoid impacting customers at a very busy time.


Hi Arthur,

I find the approach very unsatisfactory to be honest. So my clients have to have a substandard app for another 3 weeks???

And now I find this happened…
All these logos were fine on Friday. Now on Monday they have disappeared from my client apps.???
I spent a full day last week repairing everything that was missing from client apps and thought I had it all covered.
I checked some client apps today and this is what I am greeted with.
I know it is not you Arthur but someone needs to tell whoever that this is beyond ridiculous and the fix needs to happen asap please.
I am wasting hours of my day doing running repairs AND Appsheet name is getting trashed in the process along with my business.
I know of other developers with the same issue.
I noticed Appsheet corrected the logos on the Templates page so why not the fix for devs??



Hi @Craig_Clancy1

I wasn’t aware of this new issue. Here’s what I know so far.

  • Missing app logo in the ‘Templates’ page was an issue on Nov 16th, and it got resolved

  • I am observing the same issue on my own ‘My Apps’ page, but only for apps where I have uploaded my own images

  • We made some changes to how images (and therefore custom logos) are being accessed. I believe it was for added security. Still, that does not excuse the bug.

  • A manual fix is to simply open in the Editor each app with the missing logo. If you refresh the ‘My Apps’ page, the custom logos should show up.

I know this manual fix is not ideal, but that’s all I could find so far. An engineer is looking into it.

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Hi Arthur,
All my app logos are from which was recommended by Appsheet in the early days and I have not had any issues.
The manual ‘fix’ does not work as you suggested on all accounts. Some logo’s are actually missing from the editor as well as the My Apps Logos.
The fix doesn’t appear to work for Co-Authored apps.

I hope the dev team can come up with a fix.
Will external logos be an issue going forward?


I am having this exact same problem with IPad OS 15.

Hi @Craig_Clancy1 , we’d like to look further into this issue. Please submit the problem to so we can investigate. Thank you!

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