Custom Data entry format

(Ryan Malham) #1

I am having a frustration with entering a complex serial number for my products. The products have a multi-segment string that is made up of letters and number with dashes in between. EG: HSUT-Q2898-1020-010119-SP

I have been entering the data as one string, but the iphone really loves to autocorrect my entries and turns HSUT in to other words unless I am very careful to override the autocorrection. The first segment has about 15 different value possibilities that I would rather handle with a dropdown list. The second normally begins with Q but can sometimes have a different letter so I’d rather have that as a default value of Q. The numbers after Q are serialized and unique. The 1020 is a size. The 010119 is a date. The last letters are a siding option. There are about 15 different options for the last letters.

With all that said is there a way to format a form where all of these parts of the info are on one line in the UX and then recombine them into a single spreadsheet field value then the form is submitted?

(Steve Coile) #2

There’s no way to put multiple foretold on the same line of a form.

You could use an expression to reformat the collected data into the desired format for storing, but you’d then have redundant data, as you’d also have to store the unformatted components.

(Ryan Malham) #3

Ok. I can deal with redundant data and then recombine them into a single value in the spreadsheet. Someone needs to work on a widget to create custom data collection. :slight_smile:

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