Custom domain for web app

Hi All,

I have a use case wherein, the app needs to be exposed as a web app (browser only). The intention is not to deploy it as mobile/tablet app.

Couple of questions:

  • Do I have to deploy it as a mobile app as part of the deployment process and only then in-browser option is available? OR is there a way to deploy it ONLY as a web app

  • Is it possible to direct users to the Appsheet web app home page from a custom domain name?
    Web app home page will have some landing text (mostly static content) and sign-in options (exploring Appsheet - aws cognito integration for invitation-only based sign-ins). Once signed in (if user has been invited), user will interact with the app.

I have searched the forums and found a few threads discussing custom domains. e.g this one: White label app in-browser url.
But didn’t find any concrete guidance on support for ‘web app only’ with custom domain scenario.

Would appreciate any pointers.



I would like to find out about this too! :slight_smile:

This is using an iframe, right? Does it work with user authorisations?

Yes, iframe, but you need publisher account.
Can’t use users.

You can if not too sensitive, use USERSETTINGS ()