Custom domain for web app

Hi All,

I have a use case wherein, the app needs to be exposed as a web app (browser only). The intention is not to deploy it as mobile/tablet app.

Couple of questions:

  • Do I have to deploy it as a mobile app as part of the deployment process and only then in-browser option is available? OR is there a way to deploy it ONLY as a web app

  • Is it possible to direct users to the Appsheet web app home page from a custom domain name?
    Web app home page will have some landing text (mostly static content) and sign-in options (exploring Appsheet - aws cognito integration for invitation-only based sign-ins). Once signed in (if user has been invited), user will interact with the app.

I have searched the forums and found a few threads discussing custom domains. e.g this one: White label app in-browser url.
But didn’t find any concrete guidance on support for ‘web app only’ with custom domain scenario.

Would appreciate any pointers.


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