Custom Domain/URL/Branding Hi all, am new he...

(Lucas Allen (LiquidNexxus)) #1

Custom Domain/URL/Branding

Hi all, am new here and new to Appsheet (I wish I discovered it sooner…). Is there a way to get an App onto your own custom URL and better still own custom mobile app deployment? ie I dont want my user to see url appsheet or have to download the appsheet app (I would have a custom app name).

Also does anyone have experience in running a multi-tenant setup, ie I have customers that would be separate companies, each company needs to be isoltaed completely from the others and of course have a sub-domain type setup.

I always start with the difficult questions :wink: Your advice would be appreciated

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

#1 - When the app is developed you can Whitelabel the app. #2 - If you use a security filter for your data, one customer is able to have access their own data only. The filtering will happen on server side, not in the device. Please read more from this document… - Security Filters: The Essentials Security Filters: The Essentials

(Lucas Allen (LiquidNexxus)) #3

Hi Aleksi thanks for your quick reply. Do you have a link for the whitelabelling?

(Lucas Allen (LiquidNexxus)) #4

Found it!

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Good :slight_smile: