Custom Domain

I want to deploy app to my client location. But I don’t want the client to see that this app is made using appsheet.Not even in the web link. Is it possible?

Hi @Manish_Singla! This is absolutely possible! This is part of what’s called “white labeling,” I’ve included an excerpt from this support document below to better explain:

Traditional Deployment

The traditional deployment model is to create and submit each app separately to an app store (iTunes Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android). Your users then find and download the app from the app store.

You should consider this model if:

  • The app store discovery and distribution model is important to you.
  • You’re aiming for large-scale consumer adoption of your app.

Once you have created and tested your app using instant deployment, you can generate a “white label” version of the app. This creates the app package you must submit to the appropriate app store. Be aware that you must go through the approval process mandated by the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, and your app must conform to the policies of that store.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions and happy app building!