Custom Events for the Calendar

I have a quick question for you.
It is easy enough to hookup a google calendar as a datasource.
I have played around with this and it seems to integrate fine and sync the two calendars.

What I would like to be able to do is have two or more types of events that I can add to the calendar that have more fields than what is in the calendar object. The different events will have different fields.

This is easy enough to do programmatically on a different platform with a small intermediary table for event type and two keys and then separate tables for each event.

How do I do this with appsheet using just googlesheets to start ? Does one of the sample apps already do this ?

How do I hookup the app so that when user hits add or edit an intermediary event select opens and then gets the correct form ?

If you know the quick solution please pass it along.

You could do this with AppSheet as well. It’s cumbersome, but it’s doable.

Ok how would one go about doing this using only google sheets as a data source ?

By changing the build pattern to use only one table it is easy to accomplish the goal of having multiple event types. .
The fields that are in all of the events are in the first columns of the googlesheet and top of the model calendar form.
Sections are created that only show when the option is selected.
This is done with and enum data type for the select and Show? on the sub section fields.
Using this pattern solves the main problem.
A consumer gmail account will not map additional fields but gsuite will.

I shared this for anyone else who is wanting the same type of solution.