Custom folder path for a copy of files from bots and form uploads

Hi everyone!
My client wants the app to put a copy of the file that’s uploaded to be saved on the company’s cloud storage. This should also apply to the files made through bots/workflows/reports.

I know that files made through bots are saved to the “Default app folder” under Info → Properties.
I also know that there is a security measure in order to prevent someone having access to the cloud storage where the app is located to delete a file that was uploaded through a form. This would break the app’s link to the file.

That’s why I think the best way is to have an option to make a copy to a place of our choice where we could select a folder, similar to how we look for a worksheet to add it to our app, and then create a formula to make the folder path starting from the folder we have chosen.

So, add an option called “Second copy attachment folder” that we can select similar to how we look for a workbook and then “Second copy folder path” allowing an expression.

This should be under this part of the bot/task:

The same thing under this part of files from forms:

So, to have a second copy of files from bots and from forms where we can select whichever folder we want from the company’s cloud storage (Sharepoint, for example) and then we can create an expression to complete the folder path dynamically. This second copy shouldn’t have the limitations that the first copy has like “just folder path relative to the worksheet” or “folder path relative to ‘Default app folder’”, instead, full custom folder path

Hope this makes sense to someone else

Well, since I haven’t received any help, @Steve you are my only hope :grimacing: Is there anyone at AppSheet team that we can point out to?

This was posted as a feature request. Feature request don’t usually get prompt attention. Perhaps you meant to post it as a question?

I’m gonna SPAM this thing today :joy:
Hope there is some attention and even may be a tip around the corner to solve this!

Or perhaps you want to make your request more clear. It seems to me that you’re asking for 2 things here:

  1. Greater control over file locations. (there are lots of posts about file locations, and possibly even some feature requests for this already)
  2. Ability to create multiple copies of the files.

Is that correct? What other “attention” are you expecting on this post?

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Thanks for giving the time to post to this topic

  1. That won’t change since, as I explained in the first post, there is some kind of expected behaviour where the file path needs to be inside a certain “default” folder in order to make sure the files are not gonna be removed (or changes the name of the file) from the backend by someone that doesn’t necessarily uses the app breaking the app’s access to it.
  2. This brigns the second option (the one I would like to see as a new feature). To have full control over a copy instead of the original file, so that the copy is anywhere we want, or the clients wants for this matter