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Hello all!

I think the answer might be no, but is there any way to use a Custom Font on the app, if only for some headers?

Many thanks!

I take it that you mean fonts other than the choices available in the Options tab of “UX.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 22.32.37

Like you, I suspect that it’s not possible but let’s see what the folks at AppSheet have to say.

By the way, the choices that are available are for English and romance languages but, unless I’m mistaken, there are no choices for languages like Japanese other than the system default. Am I right about that @tsuji_koichi?

Yes, we dont have control to change font type to other in case we display my own language, Japanese.

Font is down to programming, especially CSS related.
So i don’t think we have more of flexibility to change font type to others rather than ones Appsheet prepare by default.

But for now.

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Hello all in this post thread,

I request you to take a look at the following post. We do seem to have flexibility with fonts by using Unicodes. The sites referred in the below post do help in converting the text the user enters into certain different fonts. When those converted texts are simply copied and pasted back in thw app text fields , they retain the new font. However I am at this point unaware how we can include the exact fonts we want.


Very interesting! It doesn’t work for Japanese but I’m tempted to try to use the italic in some contexts.

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