Custom functionality (add-on)

I have recently joined the AppSheet community. I would like to know if it is possible for me as creator to add a new functionality (whether an action or another expression) which is not currently present in AppSheet. I am thinking something similiar to what App Scipt is for Google Sheets (an add-on) or VBA for Excel.

This question is not because I have a current issue, but I need to know before creating an app to our customers so as to set realistic expectations.
As far as I have seen this is not possible and I don’t think this feature is on roadmap because it does not follow the no-code philosophy.

Thanks in advance!

I would say both YES and NO to your interesting query.

Appsheet is super powerful tool, but not 100 % perfect to satisfy the unique requirement from different app creators.

On the Appsheet app editor, we are able to do bunch of interesting stuffs, but again, it is not providing with anything. IF we encounter the impasse, then people may start to ask question GAS or other mechanism may solve the issue. Yes, it should be true.
GAS or other mechanism kicked into the backend may solve the issue, while we dont do it on the client side (Appsheet).

Using GAS, or Zap or any other external services, should add the fuel to the capability of the Appsheet to expand the features.

But again, Appsheet is no-code platform, and I wish to stick around.

Some may say, it is possible to achieve by writing script. Yes, perfect, but on this Appsheet community and goals, people are seeking (as citizen developer who has none of the knowledge of coding) for easy solutions, we as a whole community should go to the direction to solve our common problem without coding.

I m not fully objecting to use the scripts along with Appsheet, but better to avoid it and direct our thought not to use the coding to stay with Appsheet basic notion as NO CODE platform.

Today, maybe we need to write a script to do one thing, but it could be turning to no code on the other day.

Coding is fantastic to make our dream to happen, but it always takes a time.

If we could achieve the same result, with or without coding, I tend to draw a card of NO coding to make my life easier.


Thanks, @tsuji_koichi, you’re the best !!

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