Custom Launcher

Hi all,

Is it possible to build a custom launcher which will serve as a linking point to different applications (both appsheet and others)?
So the view will have two kind of links

  1. Different App made by appsheet
  2. Different apps (can be called by URLs)

Please advise.
Thanks in advance!!



Hi Steve,

Can you advise how to do that?


Hi @Sam_Bhullar
Have you searched the forum?

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Hello all, I saw that there used to be a Custom App Launcher template article posted but it’s no longer available for cloning? Does anybody happen to know why? Here’s the article link: Create App Launchers or Launch Apps and URLS from AppSheet Apps | AppSheet Help Center and here is the actual app:

Thanks in advance!

(@Sam_Bhullar - sorry didn’t mean to hijack your thread but I think this might be the answer to your question as well?)