Custom map in filtered form

Hi there,
I am building an app concerning building inspections.

I have a table concerning buildings with include also a drawing.(1 row per floor)
Then I have a table concerning the sales convocation in order to plan inspection of a part of a building with customer. This table look for the drawing and the seller can draw some comments in order to see which part of the floor will be sold.
Finally I have a table with the remarks done by the customer. This table is filled with a “LinkToForm” action from the convocation table. In this third table i would like to localize the remarks on the drawing which come from the convocation table.

I have tried several ways to encode in URL format the drawing from the table convocation but unfortunately I don’t find the solution. I have tried the formula ENCODEURL([drawing]) with a type URL or text, … and then searching for this formula for the Background image.

All data are on google drive.
Here below, the drawing in order to understand

Currently this is the result I have instead of the map in background
Is anyone know how it can be done?

I assume the %2F in your image file text indicating something.
Why do you need to encode ?

@tsuji_koichi actually I understood that the background image for the XY position have to be an URL adress isn’t it?
That why I tried the formula ENCODEURL()

Concerning the %2F, in fact the name of the drawing in the table “Convocation” is for example : Convocation_Images/e46332b6.Objet.175613.jpg.
When is use the formula encodeurl() the name become : Convocation_Images%2Fe46332b6.Objet.175613.jpg
The form “Remarks” load the name but not the drawing…

I have also tried the following formula for the background image : [Convocation].[Drawing]
I don’t have error message but the drawing is not load on the form “Remarks”.

If you have an idea concerning this brain teaser

I think [Convocation].[Drawing] should work as back ground image without encodeurl method.

This is from my App where I placed the similar tricks. I let users to upload images then utilize the same as background image for xy type column.

First, try to create new virtual column which construct text with formula like this.
Make sure to set this VC data type as text.

SUBSTITUTE(concatenate(“{YourAppID}&tableName={YourTableNameWithPlanImage}=”,[ImageColumn]), " ", “%20”)

Then use this VC name as base image URL for your xy type column.

Let s name this new VC as [URL], then it should be good enough to cal


in your xy type base formula.

Let me know if this works with you as well.

On your current setting, probably the problem is your are not generating full path (URL) to reach to your image file, that should be root cause of error.


@tsuji_koichi Hi
I have tried your formula and there is no error message but when the form is opened, one more time the Image is not loaded.
Here below what I obtain
VC formula :+1:


Result in the form
If I ckick on the field “Localisation”, the image is not load…
I have also tried with curly brackets but the result is the same

I have created a link in the GoogleSheet spreadsheet using this formula :{fileID}
I use this column for the localisation background and it is working now.

It works because data are on Google Cloud but if there is another project with data stored on another cloud provider, it will not work…

Thanks for your help @tsuji_koichi

Your expression was missing the part “&fileName=”

SUBSTITUTE(concatenate(“{YourAppID}&tableName={YourTableNameWithPlanImage}&fileName=”,[ImageColumn]), " ", “%20”)


Thanks for correction, yes indeed.

Hi guys,
I’m trying to do a similar thing
I have a table [Levels] where I can load in a Floorplan in as a ‘file’ type in a PNG format in a column called [Floorplan].
This works well as I can view the Floorplan when I click on the file icon in the Level detail.

But what I’m trying to do is;
I have another table [Assets] where I select the [Level] and I want it to load the relevant Floorplan for the custom map for a XY column.

you can have a look to the app called “Zoom in Form” done by @Fabian.
He has files .png and then he has a column type XY using the png file with this formula : SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(“ in Form&fileName=Images/”,[Filename]), " ", “%20”).
It seems to be similar as your problem if you replace [FileName] by your column

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