Custom Order of Tab's Position

Please provide an option where we can create tabs in custom order.

Which tabs where?

As far as I know, in views that can display tabs, we do have the ability to control the order. Maybe I’m not thinking of the area you have experienced?

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You can only specify left most, left, Center, Right, Right most. Instead of this I am proposing a solution where user can drag and drop the position. In my situation current system is not working properly due to system follows alphabetical order.

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From this comment, it must be that you are referring to the Main app views. These are represented as buttons and not tabs and you, as the app creator, have the ability to control which views show in which order by assigning the position to the desired view. The intention is to support 5 views - one for each position.

However, AppSheet does allow the app creator to assign multiple views to a single position - for example you could assign 3 views to the Center position. You can still control the order within that position by assigning them in the order you wish them to appear. You can adjust the order by simply assigning to new position, Save and then re-assign to the desired position.

Not the most user-friendly approach but the capability is there.


If you assign Center Position for 3 views. Then that’s it for that 3 Views you can’t change the order. It’s fixed alphabetical Order. Let’s say views are Test1, Test2, Test3. Then it’ll be in the same order you can’t change it so that Test2 or Test3 appear first and so on.

Not at all! You CAN control the order - if we are talking about the same thing. In the first image below, the button order is Categories, Tasks and Requests. All three are assigned to the Center position as shown in the Primary Views list and they are NOT alphabetical

I then moved Categories to be the last or right-most button by using the re-assignment method I mentioned above. See second image. All 3 views are still assigned to the Center position.

Categories as left most button

Categories moved to right most button


How did you do that? As I know there is not any Rearrange button just like Menu Views.

I described the steps as bove in a prior post.

So for example, if you have 3 views you want to be in the Center position. Start with them set, say as Menu for the position. Then re-assign them to Center in the order you wish them to be seen.

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