Custom ranges for Reports, other report questions

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I am attempting to set up custom reports for our app. A brief example of what our app does:

We collect responses from our employees, who are participating in advising mentally challenged people with volunteer work. During the day, these responses collect a wide array of information that is input into a spreadsheet via a forum view. At the end of the day, or at any given moment, we need the ability to “merge” these responses (or, some of the data fields) into an easily readable and printable document for storage/filling. Each reponse is individualized, and each individual may have several responses in any given day, depending on how many different community “sites” they end up visiting (since each site requires a feedback note on how the activity went).

Currently, we use an add-on on Google Sheets, but would like to get away from using the back-end sheets workbook as much as possible. There are just too many opportunities for data loss, and we’ve had that exact issue before.

Due to this, I’ve taken to AppSheet’s built in reporting! So far, I have some questions:

1.) Am I able to set up a way to trigger a report, other than adds/updates/deletes? Say an employee wanted to export a specific response, at any given time. How would I do this?

2.) Am I able to set up a way that we can select date ranges, and then export those responses for, say, a specific “date” or “site name” or “participant name”?

3.) How difficult would it be to have a report run statistical information - from another portion of this workbook, that contains race, household income, address info, etc, and be able to pull said numbers for statistical tracking? We would want to be able to “report” on the percentages of various ethnicity/racial groups, as well as male to female ratios, etc.

I know this is all very possible, but I don’t really have an idea of where to start with this in AppSheet.

Help appreciated!


So I think I’ve figured out one part of this: weekly reports are definitely achievable, however, I need to only be able to export/run a report based on only the previous week’s information - not the entire table. How can I get this to function? Also will need to do this for “daily” reports as well.


Here is a copy of the attachment for a daily report:

One approach would be create a “PreviousWeek” slice that only contains the records you wish to display in the Report. Then use that slice as the input to the Report.

You could use the same approach by creating another slice for the daily Report.

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Would you be able to demonstrate what a slice would look like for such information?I’ve not really messed with them a whole lot, and would be great to get a visual reference on what it might need to look like.

Thanks @Phil!


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@Phil I’ll look at that, thanks.

Now, about wanting to trigger these reports outside of normal report times? Say, if someone wanted to pull a report in the middle of the day?

See topic “Sending Email from an Action Button” in this article

If you want to run the report both on a schedule and on demand, then you need to create both a Report (runs on the schedule you specify) and a matching Workflow Rule (That runs on the button click).


This is great - thanks @Phil!! Now, one last question for now;

In regards to statistical information reporting. Say I want to gather the number of individuals with their race/ethnicity and display a percentage of each group? Basic statistical reporting. Is something like this also possible in AppSheet directly, or do we need to continue relying on Sheets to run this information?

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