Custom Views basd on user email address


Is it possible to have different views based on e-mail address?
In my table (Orders), I have a column named Store Location.
What I want to do is for a user to have a view only for 1 store location associated to hime (example: user1 will see only location1 orders, user 2 and 3 only for location2 view, user 4 only for location3).

If this is possible, how can I achieve this? Is there a step-by-step guide that I can follow?

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Thanks for this one Steve, Ive already came across these informational articles before I sent the question.
I guess my dilemma is how to execute this. I was looking for a a tutorial/guide on how to achieve/implement the info provided.

Based on the scenario I enumerated at the start, should I:

  1. Create Slice Views by Store Location?
  2. How do I associate a Slice View to a particular user’s e-mail address?
  3. How do I present the Slice view associated with that user’s email address when they log in? For example, If i define that Slice View as a table, and have it display as primary View on bottom leftmost, the view would only show the location associated with that user and not all views?

Currently, what I have is as shown below:

  1. An Order View (table). It shows all Orders on all Locations. What I hope to achieve is to just show 1 Location based on email-address of user.

Appreciate if you can handheld a novice here.

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How does your app know which locations are tied to a given user’s email address?

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I believe that’s one of my help questions I raised.

  1. Should I create a new table with E-mail address and Store Location association (1 column email address, another column Store location)?
  2. Should I add just another column in the existing table (example: E-mail address) and set its value as the e=mail address of the signed-in user that is creating the record?

That’s a decision for you to make.

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I guess the proper question to ask is, are those solutions appropriate for what I want to achieve?

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Yes, definitely! Myself, I’d go with (1).


Hi Steve,

Just wanted to thank you for all the guides. I managed to resolve this by:

  1. Creating UX Views from Slices by Store Location
  2. Use Show_if USEREMAIL() for the UX View…I’ve read about your post in using OR() and IN() expressions.


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Well done!