Custom Y/N Text

Currently, the Yes/No column type creates two buttons with text “Y” and “N”, which cannot be changed. Similarly, showing the Y/N column type outside of the form results in a “Y” or “N”.

As per @Benoit_Gramond

We need the ability to customize the text for TRUE or FALSE values in the Y/N column type.

For example, a table may have a boolean column ‘status’, with two options: ‘Visible’ or ‘Hidden’.

Currently, the only way to achieve the first option is to use an ENUM column type rather than Y/N. This this has two drawbacks, namely:

  • We are saving a string to our database, rather than a simple boolean value
  • Application or server-side formulas which take the boolean value as an input must perform the additional step of decoding the string back into a boolean (e.g. IF([status]=“Visible”,TRUE,FALSE) rather than just [status])

Also, the current Y/N column data does not present itself neatly when displayed elsewhere in the app. Take for example, this screenshot:


There is no column header to give any idea what the Y/N value is indicating. Users must create an additional virtual column to convert the BOOL into a useful string to be displayed.

In other words, give us this:

On all accounts.

I was actually just about to post the exact same request!

Perhaps a Ref to a 2x2 table?

Key Label
Visible Y
Hidden N

Yes, there are solutions like this. In the case of a REF table, we would either need several REF tables or a single, more complex REF table to handle all the Y/N columns a single app may have. I’m having a hard time envisioning how to do this with a single REF table. As the ‘Y’ and ‘N’ have to be the primary keys, it has to be a two row-multiple column setup:

Key Label1 Label2 Label3
Y Visible Active Read
N Hidden Inactive Unread

I’m not really sure how this would work though, as we have to specify a label column for REF types, and that is what will always be displayed?

So in this case we would need a REF table for each Y/N column that may exist. This won’t be better than just using ENUM in place of Y/N I would think.

I second this request, would be very useful!

A kind of soluce.
In Data: set a virtual column that duplicate a Y/N column.
Sample: column name colyesno duplicated to colyesno2
In Ux put colyesno2 before colyesno.
In the colyesno2 put a behavior “set value of some col.”

  • in action on colyesno
  • in appearance attach to colyesno2
  • display inline

Then you see resut in colyesno when clic on icon in colyesno2

… probably colyesno2 no need to be yesno type.