Customise filename of uploaded photo with query and georeferencing info

Hi everyone,

I have got a site inspection app which has this following structure:

  • Job Number containing multiple site inspections
  • each site inspection can contain several photos (to be uploaded by users)
  • each site inspection photo has a column called “LatLong” with location/coordination info supported by “HERE()” query

Now when users upload a site inspection photo taken from mobile device, the photo is stored onto a default folder on dropbox but with a random naming (e.g. 1e95d61f.Photo.030858.jpg) and without GPS info attached on the image.

What I am keen to achieve:
I hope the photo can have a customised naming e.g. “Job No.”-“site inspection reference”-“datetime”.jpg. The other thing is: I want the LatLong /coordinate info can be brought along when it’s save into our dropbox folder so we can check from its property:


I am not sure if items mentioned above are achievable or possible or not?

Some guides and helps are much appreciated :slight_smile:

File names are created with the row’s key value, and a timestamp of sorts in order to ensure uniqueness. Your only options for customizing the name are if you want to set a certain value for that record’s key value. However you can dynamically customize what folders they are stored it, and the folder names.

Appsheet does not provide any means for accessing or updating a file’s metadata in any way.


Based on your this requirement, have tried to suggest a workaround as below. Please explore if it helps.