Customise text for a deeplink

Hello, I want to have a virtual column in my app that shows a clickable link to another part of the app. Currently I have the column type as App, and the deep link in the formula. As it shows in the app as the whole deeplink formula, I want to customise the text that shows to make it short and nice

You could move the expression in the virtual column to the target of a “go to another view” type Action. Then change your VC to show just the text you want, and attach the new action to this VC as “Inline” Display.

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OK so is that possible to have an action tied to one only particular virtual column?

I have tried creating a ‘Show’ type virtual column, with the type being “URL”, and in the content formula putting HYPERLINK(“view deep link name”, “Customised text”).
This saves, but when the user clicks on it, it trys to go through and stays on the sync view in the app

That’s not what @Marc_Dillon suggested. Try his suggestion.

HEllo , How can convert the long string in a friendly button or a customized text like “GotoMyView” instead of a this long text with # , like the image shows image


This deeplink column comes with an Action. You can attach that Action to any other column, or change its prominence.

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