Customizable display form with parameters from other tables

It could be a good feature if we could add parameters to a form taking them from multiple tables and using various panels to it. I’m thinking of it as a kind of a small dashboard that supports tables as well as customizable panels with different parameters.

For example a dashboard that in the header shows the total money execution for the specific user that month, counting of people participating in activities that month by gender with the app native icons. And below that, the primary view.

¿Or i’m wrong and is this something I can make with slices and virtual tables?

Are you able to make kind of sample printscreen so we could understand better what your goal is. It sounds doable, but not 100% sure.

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Alright, here’s an example I made in Photoshop, the idea is being able to make a custom parameter with a formula or get it from a table to display them as a header or footer in a view, for example make a placeholder circle cropped with the user picture and other custom parameters taken from different tables and other custom values to manipulate the results shown. i don’t know if it’s too much but that’s it.


Usesettings of Appsheet could be used as sort of “Parameter” to filter the data on demand of each different users. However, at this moment, we are not able to place USESETTINGS view onto dashboard, hence, I placed a feature request so that we are able to select usersetting as one of element to place on the dashboard, but not really receiving the support.

Once we could place the usersetting view on dashboard, change in usersetting could work as parameter, which will be used to filter the views dynamically.

I m with you and understand what you want to achieve.

This is not exactly same as what your are looking for, but I built up a “KPI Dashboard”. Based on selection of filter by the user, the view will be dynamically changing. And also placing the tiny detail view into it, which is used as METRIC to show the important KPI related to the used selection, which will also be rendering the number dynamically.

This dashbaord is not using the parameter, but using filter by setting dashboard as INTERACTIVE, but we could achieve your goal in other way around.

This is quick screenshot from my dashboard, FYG.


That’s an interesting workaround, I’ll try to make that and I will be attentive to modify my apps if in the future filters like the ones I have in mind can be added.

I’m Appsheet geek as well as Tableau guru, haha.

I do work Dashboard stuffs on Tableau quite often, borrowed the idea from Tableau how to display KPI stuffs.

Within a few month, Tableau will introduce new feature called METRICS. That is used to display the KPIs like what I achieved on this dashboard.

For the chart I placed on this dashboard is actually not native chart from Appsheet.

See my past thread.

You can get some idea how you would decorate and get the dashboard more attentive to your users!

Coping to Tableau specialist in Appsheet team to share.