Customizable header in detail view

Hi Appsheet,

I am testing out the new card header in detail view: Release notes: 7/14/20
It looks very slick! Thank you.

I have couple of questions/feedback:

  1. Whenever I use the Action that redirects the user to the same UX page, it looks like the page is loaded only until the sync is completed. The user basically see no page for couple of seconds. Is this a known behavior?
  2. I can’t figure out how to apply a format rule to simply color the actions button on the right side. If I put the icon on the action, I have a single icon but see this: 2020-08-07_12-01-21 . If I put the icon on the format rule and not on the action I have a duplicate icon 2020-08-07_12-01-34 Is that a bug?

Note: I cut off most of the waiting in the gif



Hi @teambelair,

I will investigate the first issue – I’m not sure exactly what is going on there. It could be related to an issue that I have a fix for that should be available early next week.

For the second issue, a fix should be deployed by the end of the day. You will not need to add an icon, just set the format rule to change the text color.



Hi Morgan,

Both items are still occurring. Let me know if I can help.


Hi @morgan, should I bring this to your support team?

Hi @teambelair, Can you try changing your card view layout, saving your app, completely reloading the page, and then switching to the layout that you want? If this does not fix the issue, let me know and I will investigate deeper asap.



Hi @morgan, I changed the UX view to a Deck view type, then set it back to Detail. Doing that fixed the second item related to the icon display. Thanks!
The first item is still happening. I am going to DM you the site.


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Excellent, I’m glad the first item was fixed. We’ll investigate the second issue.


Hi @morgan @Joseph_Ryan,

Were you able to reproduce the second issue? I would love to use this card header.

Thank you!