Customize Contact Details Presented on Initial Launch of Whitelabel

I used gmail to create my AppSheet account but never anticipated this address would later be exposed to all users of my application. When launching a whitelable/native application for the first time, the user is warned that “When you use this app, the app creator (your account email) may receive…” for privacy disclosure reasons. There is no place to change this email address so changing it means creating a new account with a preferred email, transferring your application, recreating your whitelable version and resubmitting it to the app stores. This is a tremendous inconvenience.

I suggest allowing for the display name to be modified so that it may be a name or email of one’s choosing. If this is not suitable as a legitimate identifier, perhaps the name in the signed certificate would be preferred. In either case, there should be some means of controlling this. In my own case, the email address being shown to users has nothing at all to do with my application so it looks unprofessional and causes confusion.

I agree this is a needed feature…and for all apps not just in white label apps.

As a work around maybe you can use auto-forwarding?