Customize OTHER system text

hi, i wondered if there might be a way to customize system text that ISNT included in the list already provided (or get new text added to that list). it took me a a moment to figure out what this error meant, and i fear our users may be scared off by this. this is a quick edit column in an interactive dashboard view, where COMMENT BY becomes required when COMMENT isnotblank. Thanks for the attention!

You can use your own wording with this warning message. That option name is “Invalid value error”. You can find it from the column’s definition.

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Did as you suggested. It was ineffective. :cry: :sneezing_face:


Let me check this…

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What is your Valid_If formula or do you have any?

no. this error clears when the COMMENT BY field isnotblank (as it is required if isnotblank([COMMENT]))

Hi @Erika_Braxton,
Are you using quick edit?

Per the last line of original post, yes. This is why it was a unique error for me.

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Right, I somehow missed that.
What’s happening is that once you fill out the comments field, the app is trying to save that change, but it can’t since the comment by field is invalid (required and empty).
Currently you can’t customize this message.
I am not familiar with your app, but I would think when adding a new comment you would want to use a form view rather than quick edit.
If you still want to use quick edit, swapping the order of those two fields would also work.

Ive used an app formula containing username() which seems to be working just fine, but as a feature request, i think its still good to be able to change the text for other system errors that arent currently on that list. we’ve created so many apps, it isnt the first time ive seen an error text that i couldn’t change to be more clear for the users. there’s almost always a work around, but less experienced creators would likely value more customization. i have others feature ideas too, but they will get their own post when i think of them :wink:

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