Customized Notification

I have an excel spreadsheet with sales data. Each row has an email address column for each user. Is there a way I can create a workflow to send out a unique notification to each user containing their own information for columns in their record?

Are you trying to send the notifications for all in once or one by one?

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I would like each person to get their own notification that is customized to their information.

I have created a little CRM module for my employees. I want a notification to go out daily for anything in the database that has an unresolved status.

So… then you are looking for scheduled report functionality where you can send them row by row… with the condition rule like [Timestamp]=TODAY()

Ok. Thank you! Also, my notifications in my app stopped working all together a few days ago. Haven’t heard back on my support ticket in a few days either… Using the Broadcast feature on the website doesn’t go out to any android or iphones. All of my users are registered by their emails and the feature did work until very recently… App is still published with a successful deployment check… All settings look normal.