Customizing action button appearance

Is there a way to color action buttons? I have different icons for them, but being able to color them separately would help them stand out more.

Also, is there a way to arrange the actions more? I found how to change the order that they appear in, but it will only place them around the perimeter. Having them in a central grid for example, would be nicer in my case.

Unfortunately, not within a detail view directly. For some actions, you could consider a (nested) deck, gallery, or table view to provide action access. This is an advanced approach.

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This quote makes it sound like you might be talking about “Display Overlay” mode. There is also “Display Prominent” mode. “Display Overlay” will not scroll with the data. “Display Prominent” will scroll with data. The image below shows both.

Inline Actions are those next to the fields in the image. They also can be shown in Table views “inline” with the row data. When you define an Inline Action, you attach it to a column. In the Table view instead of the data being displayed the action will be shown instead.