Customizing Image Names

Hello :slight_smile:
Naming uploaded images now is [KeyColumn].[PhotoColumnName].{hhmmss}

Please consider these:

  1. From what i noticed, the {hhmmss} is GMT. Consider the option to use {local time stamps}, i believe it is more relative for local uses
  2. Custom naming the image to something like [KeyColumn].[PhotoColumnName] ā€” without the time stamp yet with required [KeyColumn]

Thank you

The file name should be unique, otherwise it will overwrite previously saved image files Iā€™m afraid.
In terms of time stamp, it is good to have option to change to local time, but I assume the Appsheet is putting stamps based on their server time, i.e. the difficult part is how to capture users local time. Will see how Appsheet team handle with their good hands.