Customizing system text again and again

(Juan Antonio Amunategui Tejada) #1


I suppose this problem is shared with others living in not english speaking countries.
We have to customize each system text. ALWAYS. In every single app created. And normaly texts are always the same (new, cancel, share…).
Could it be done only once for every app of an account?

In adittion, we live in a bilingual community and we have to use the two official languages to display labels and system texts. It’s easy through expressions, But it’s tedious to do the same translations every time we create a new app.

Hope It can be solved :+1:t3:

(Grant Stead) #2

I did this by building a standard app that always had all of the same tables, USER table, etc. and then I set all the localization, and then just make copies of the app…

(Juan Antonio Amunategui Tejada) #3

Thank you @Grant_Stead
Good trick :wink:

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