Daily Inventory

Good day community.

I’ve been trying to create this inventory app where you won’t need to keep editing the Quantities of each item every time. How can I do it in a way I will only need to enter the update and the main quantities will be automatically updated.

Check out this sample app


Thank you for the Swift response. The app I’m creating is not going to be using barcode scanner. It’s mainly for construction materials like cement, granite, rebar etc

Ignore the barcode scanning parts then. The same general idea is there

I have done something exactly like that. I can only increase already imputed figures.

What I want is like a form that I will only fill the figures either used or received per day.


Cement is currently at 500bags instock

To report shows that we used 23bags.

I want a form where I will only need to input 23 which will in return reduce the instock quantities. And vice versa for received quantities.

You should take a closer look at the linked sample app.

See the “Sell” table? That’s an inventory reduction. Doesn’t have to be “Sell”, rename it however you like.

Notice the [Current Stock] virtual column in Products table. It adds up all the “Add stock” records, and subtracts out all the “Sell” records.


Okay then. I will give it a try. Thanks