Daily Reports did not trigger today

Hi everyone, a client has been receiving their daily reports with out issue for months now but today the reports did not trigger. Anyone else having this problem?

The App is deployed
The reports are enabled
No references to the reports at all in the audit trail

I would reach out to support@appsheet.com with this.


Yes thanks for the note. Unfortunately I’ve submitted a ticket and copied Thierry. I received a ticket acknowledgement Saturday morning but no updates on the issue since. Client has been missing their reports for 3 days now and has to scramble operationally. I wondered if the issue was more widespread?

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Did you already checked the Log Inspection?

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Yes thanks Juan. The audit trail shows nothing for the report . I disabled and then re-enabled the reports but they still did not trigger today. The last day it worked as expected was Friday morning. No changes have been made to the application.

And if you trigger it manually, does it work ?


Could be an issue related to the newly almost constant issues that are being found around PDF’s/Emailing which unfortunately is not a promise of a soon solution but a warning to expect more issues.

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Yes unfortunately this client has suffered a great deal from the PDF/Emailing issues. These are set to System Default - I’ll try Mandrill.