Daily scheduling and Inventory Check

Top statement: I am working through a lot of problems and trying to connect several different problems to eachother. I am not sure how to set these up. Please bear with me. I am only looking for general direction in setup so please read through. I have many, many to many relationships. I am trying to make the best use of the sheets and tie them properly.

I am a paramedic and my company is currently facing a variety of issues that I want to build 1 big, or 2 smaller apps for….
One is scheduling. And one is inventory, daily/weekly/monthly check lists.

-I can create a spread sheet for scheduling that includes (employees) who is working, (dates) when, and (locations) where. But I want to develop an auto fill, employee 1: rotates to 13 different stations, 2: 13 stations. All same rotation. Click a button from a given sheet and it builds out the days for a given period of time.

-Every station has assigned ambulances, but the ambulances can rotate based on a service schedule and needs. I want a person to open the app and see the ambulance based on the station they’re at that day.

  • Employees the are assigned a given station/ambulance are required to inventory the ambulance daily, the station weekly, and check all expirations on the first of the month.
    -Every station has supplies that are inventoried weekly. The employee assigned to said station has to accomplish said inventories.
    -Every ambulance has supplies inventoried daily.
    —Some supplies are behind sealed cabinets that don’t get opened for inventory. So an inventory sheet would have to allow for a seal number that if sealed has everything ok behind it, or “x” number of things missing/expired, behind the seal.
    —Not all supplies are behind the same cabinet numbers.

If someone is willing to help me walk through any of this I would be appreciative. I have been racking my brain for months.

Hi @fcsd346

Welcome to the community !

This is an huge challenge you launched. Your explanation looks almost like an official app specification :slight_smile:

You may want to proceed step by step.

I would recommend to start to build small items of your apps, i.e. start building your databases.
You will need to create as many databases as you have items to track, including: your ambulances, your stations, your items., your employees…
Then, each databases will present some “properties” attached to your rows. Let’s say, for your ambulance database: station assigned.
If it is a column that is supposed to make a relation to another table, you will want to set type:Ref, and Source table: the "parent’ table. You have to think like: “this item is assigned to which table ?”

Please see here for more informations, that explains very well how this works:

Then, you will be able to add more functionalities, playing with formula and expressions.