Dancing Parrot with l10n

As I promised, here it is

Inspired by @MultiTech_Visions, here is an app that interacts with this project to make public url that you can use here in the community

Here is the sample app: “Dancing Parrot”

I also tried to go an extra mile and added localization support through UserSettings.
Go there and change between Spanish and English.
I hope this serves as a base if you need to use either of this resources.

PS: I wanted to add a view just for desktop (CONTEXT(HOST)="Browser") to make a Dynamic Dashboard but I don’t have so much time. I’ll do in a couple of days, stay tuned for that.

App features

  • You can select from the 6 base parrots available thanks to PPaaS
  • You can add an overlay image (like the AppSheet logo)
  • You can change the image size and position
  • You can change the colors of the parrots
  • You can change parrot’s speed
  • Maybe more, I don’t remember :man_shrugging:t2:

Very nice, But could I have a question out of curiosity , why this column have a type as Enum and then type detail as ref , but not ref type at the begining . Is there any different ? Thanks

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No difference at all rather than a preference.
Here is a good resource about it


Hi @SkrOYC thank you for sharing your App. Good Work :smiley:
If you like you can also add the RGB to HEX Color Sliders.


It’s impressive to say the least

I’m gonna check that for sure.
I’ll notify when this is added as well as the desktop view (that’s going to be a one time creation, for those that don’t want to have a list of all the previous images)

Found this AWESOME info about it. RGB - Hexadecimal Color Conversion
Gonna play with it

I love math, thanks for introducing me around this topic @Fabian

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Done @Fabian
I hope you like my implementation of it.
Also changed a little bit of the app, looks better from my POV

Very nice @SkrOYC. I like the possibility to use HEX or RGB. Well done!

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