Dark Mode View Changes outside of my control

I have selected Dark mode as my theme and the initial view is great and exactly what I want (see below).

However, for some reason, this has now changed and the Dark Mode view has removed the white backgrounds to the tiles on my Primary Hospital view (see below).

I don’t know how this has changed and can’t seem to find where to change this back to the original state with the white card/list view in the original screenshot.

There doesn’t seem to be any guidance about how resolve this. I explored format rules and localize options without success.

Please check your view’s definition. Your card view’s definitions have changed.

Hi Aleksi,

Thanks for the swift response and suggestion. I have since checked this, I also created a Test Version of the App and the definitions are exactly the same but the again the primary hospital view remains dark grey.

I deleted the Test App several times to see if this returns a default state, when I create a new Test App the primary hospital view is dark grey rather than white.

I’m at a loss here. I can’t see what has changed to cause this.

I’m pretty sure the change is on AppSheet’s end. Chances are what you have now is the new normal.

look at this and please if you have something to add please do

@Steve - Thanks for the update Steve, appreciate it. Thought I was going mad for a while haha

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