Dark theme Bugs/Issues from the latest UI update

  1. There is an issue with the dark theme from the recent UI updates. The theme loads correctly, but once you sync the app the background for detail views and inline views turns black and everything has a blue tint.

When App loads:

After Sync:

  1. I use to be able to display these SVG images without scrolling bars, but since the update I cannot display them without the scolling bars.

  1. Can we tone the UI down a bit in dark theme? The UI in the light theme is nice and subtle, but looks out of place in the dark theme.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 6.41.08 PM

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Thank you. I am going live with several dashboards that are being impacted by issues #1 and #2. I can live with issue #3.

Less important than issue #1, but the scroll bars in issue #2 are being forced by the 80px of padding being added to the last slideshow section in the detail view. Disabling this resolves the issue. Not entirely sure of the purpose, but it would be great to have that removed in dashboard views.

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 1.21.21 PM

When disabled the scrollbars disappear.


I was able to resolve issue #1 by removing the use of primaryText, secondaryText, minorText, themeMainColor, or any of the colour options from any of the format rules visible in the dashboard. The bug occurs if the format rule is on text colour or highlight colour. I can use custom colours without issue. Not entirely sure why, but that is where they need to look to resolve the bug. I was able to resolve the issue in 5-6 dashboards that were being affected by the bug.

With using one of the colour options:

With using custom colour:

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