Dasboard Interactive Filter View


How can I make the dashboard interactive in 1 view filter,

What I can do now is 1 filter must be 1 view, this is because I have to create a Key in the Column that is used as a filter.

the dashboard image that I want is like the following photo:


If you want to use a dashboard view with a drop-down list like the one on the left side, then you may want to use slices, as data source for your other view entries, and those slice are filtered with user inputs.
These are the key-words for your research in the community :wink:

Please see here:

and, more generally, some posts have been solved here:

Let us know if you are still encountering some issue with your dashboard building :slight_smile:


@Aurelien , oke thanks…
I will try and make a row filter condition in slice

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