Dashboard - chart linked with the slice which gets updated as per the user input form


I have a dashboard, which has chart on top and the detailed view (form to be filled by the user - to filter the data) in the bottom. I have a slice which filter the data based on the user input.

My slice expression is given below.
My filter table has these columns - Phase, State, District, Block

(AND(ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[Phase]), ISBLANK(OLT_Filter[State]), ISBLANK(OLT_Filter[District]), ISBLANK(OLT_Filter[Block]))),
ANY(OLT_Filter[Phase]) = [Phase],

(AND(ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[Phase]), ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[State]), ISBLANK(OLT_Filter[District]), ISBLANK(OLT_Filter[Block]))),
AND(ANY(OLT_Filter[Phase]) = [Phase], ANY(OLT_Filter[State]) = [State]),

(AND(ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[Phase]), ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[State]), ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[District]), ISBLANK(OLT_Filter[Block]))),
AND(ANY(OLT_Filter[Phase]) = [Phase], ANY(OLT_Filter[State]) = [State], ANY(OLT_Filter[District]) = [District]),

(AND(ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[Phase]), ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[State]), ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[District]), ISNOTBLANK(OLT_Filter[Block]))),
AND (ANY(OLT_Filter[Phase]) = [Phase],ANY(OLT_Filter[STATE]) = [STATE], ANY(OLT_Filter[DISTRICT]) = [DISTRICT],ANY(OLT_Filter[Block]) = [Block]),


With this expression, my chart shows the data as per the data filled in the form. It is working fine.
Now if multiple users, use this app, one person filter is affecting other’s filter.

Every user should have their own filter. Please guide.

You need to add a [user] column to your filter input Table. Then each user has their own record in this table, which you present to them with a single-record Slice.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for the feedback.

I have added the usermail column in my filter.

And i have a slice on the filter table, on the basis of USEREMAIL
Now user wise entries are being stored.

My chart and the filters are linked.
whoever first filters the data, that chart is only being displayed to others also,
How do i have separate charts to every user as per their filter.

Please guide

Is the View pointed to the new Slice?

Yes, it is pointed to the new filter_slice

Did you change your Slice Row Filter condition for the data table to refer to the Slice instead of the base Table?

I have a master data table - slice of this table is mapped to the chart. I have given this Slice expression in the first message. This slice gets updated based on the filter table.

Now again i’ve made slice on the filter table to have multiple user inputs.

I am not exactly sure how to modify the first slice expression to have the chart view independently to all the users, based on their inputs.

Replace all references to the base Table, with references to the Slice.

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