Dashboard Experts! How not to show 0 columns

Hello community,

I have question for dashboard experts. I don’t what to show column if value is equal to 0. Please check Sales per Source chart in the picture. How can i do that? I checked in the functions of application but couldn’t find something helpful. I tried show if on the columns as well but it did not help.

All values on the dashboard are calculated with virtual columns.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi Furkan, I’m not sure this will actually solve what you’re asking for, but you should be aware of the ‘Show Expanded View’ option in the upper right corner of the table columns panel

This will enable the expression builder shortcut on a variety of fields like the ‘Show?’ field - in this case, you may want to apply a True/False expression like [V_Total Net Revenue]>0 in order to only show that field when there’s a value (I’m not positive how this will affect your charts).

I’ve created slices for my chart views, which strip out any rows with zero values, or large outliers in some cases.

I’m afraid you can’t hide those columns because those numbers are coming from the same record. If you filter that record with a slice, it will remove the number from the 052020 column as well.

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Yes that is correct. It won’t help.
I think what i want needs a functional enhancement in the product.

Peter, what you are proposing helps me when i query data directly on a view but it does not limit dashboards in the way i want.
I already tried that trick at the beginning but no change :slight_smile:

Thank you for proposal