Dashboard - filter based on user input, multiple filters

It would be the case but the formula was working fine last week until now. Nothing has changed. It just stopped working. It did work when I only used a portion of it to filter only one column, but it only displays entries when the filter is filled. No results appeared when the filter is blank. Below are both versions of the formulas.


or(isblank(Filter Table[Insurance Filter]),in([Insurance],Filter Table[Insurance Filter])),

or(isblank(Filter Table[Line Item Filter]),in([Line Item],Filter Table[Line Item Filter])),

or(isblank(Filter Table[Project Type]),in([Project Type],Filter Table[Project Type])),

or(isblank(Filter Table[Installer]),in([Caregiver/Installer],Filter Table[Installer])),

or(isblank(Filter Table[Status]),in([Status],Filter Table[Status])),

or(isblank(Filter Table[Region]),in([Region], Filter Table[Region])),

or(isblank(Filter Table[City]),in([City],Filter Table[City]))



if(isnotblank(Filter Table[Insurance Filter]), in([Insurance], Filter Table[Insurance Filter]), True),

if(isnotblank(Filter Table[Line Item Filter]), in([Line Item], Filter Table[Line Item Filter]), True),

if(isnotblank(Filter Table[Project Type]), in([Project Type], Filter Table[Project Type]), True),

if(isnotblank(Filter Table[Installer]), in([Caregiver/Installer], Filter Table[Installer]), True),

if(isnotblank(Filter Table[Status]), in([Status], Filter Table[Status]), True),

if(isnotblank(Filter Table[Region]), in([Region], Filter Table[Region]), True),

if(isnotblank(Filter Table[City]), in([City], Filter Table[City]), True)