Dashboard help to create averages by day per individual logs

Hi. I have a few tables I’m working with, at a construction firm - One is essentially a set up list of projects entered by our project coordinator (project name, project location, work areas, etc) Call that Project Information. It changes overtime of course, as new projects are entered into the system. Then we have a drill log table and injection log table. (We do drilling and injection, measured in LF and SF respectively) Basically I want to have an interactive dashboard that allows a user to review a selected project (selected by dropdown) When they select the project I want it to display the daily average LF or SF for that project on a calendar, but with the total LF or SF being based on the number of individual drills or pumps going. (Essentially by qty of relevant person) There are any number of logs per day. (Some days there are none, some days there are 5 drill logs, etc) So, for an example, on one day one staff member may have 3 logs because they drilled 3 holes and another may have 1 log only. Its a total of 4 logs that day but I’m only interested in finding the average by unique relevant personnel. (2 people in my example) Their names are on each log so this essentially should be a count feature that only counts unique names by day, then totals the LF or SF across all logs that day, and gets the average. (For instance total LF divided by relevant personnel) Then I’d like that daily average displayed on a calendar ideally showing the averages each day. Complicated maybe, not sure. Any thoughts on the quickest way to get this off the ground?