Dashboard interactive mode: start in blank

When i start the app in the dashboard view with interactive mode, the first impresion shows all the data of the views, only when i select data from one view it acts as a filter for the other related views, so, could it be posible to start the dashboard in blank, at least for some pre selected views? or even better to have the option to select one, some, all or none rows that will affect the other views.

This is a tricky one; sometimes the dashboard will be blank, sometimes it will show the first record in the detail view.

  • One thing I’ve taken to doing is creating a “stand in” record as the first record in the table. This then shows when nothing is selected (and I’ve put some appropriate display texts in certain fields to make it look right).

There’s some overhead involved with this, you need to make sure people can’t edit the stand in record, or delete it, but generally it’s smooth sailing.


Thank you very much, works perfect.