Dashboard Layout Customizations Aren't Being Saved

Hi! I’m experiencing what I’ve seen a few others have reported, but haven’t seen a solution. Dashboards reset to the default arrangement, and customizations (resizing & moving sections) disappear any time I leave the dashboard to go to a different view, or upon login/refresh. Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m seeing it in several desktop browsers and on Safari iOS.

For my app’s purposes, it really makes the dashboard unusable because I need those custom-sized views. If there’s no solution to get the customizations to stick, does anyone have non-dashboard workarounds for getting views of multiple things on one screen?




@Peter, the app is not deployed at the moment, and there is no end-user login functionality. It’s just a dashboard of a four basic tables set to “Wide” - every time I visit the page it’s in the default 2x2 grid.


How are you visiting the web-app (“page”)?

Are you clicking the preview link above the emulator?

Or maybe have it bookmarked?

Both - I am viewing the preview as illustrated above, but also have it installed on two iOS devices via invite.

I’m experiencing this problem, as well. Using Chrome browser (Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on deployed apps that have been working fine since the adjustable dashboard feature was introduced.

Now I m experiencing the same issue, on my laptop (windows) as well.
App does not save the custom dashboard layout at all.

I’ve recently been made aware that some app settings are not retained across user logins to the app. If the app is public, or if a user logs out and (another) logs in, I suspect dashboard layout customizations may be lost.

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Obviously, storing the user oriented settings saved to browser caches should have issues.

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Thanks for the update @tsuji_koichi and details @Andrew_Eills, @Presley_Thompson. Opening up a ticket to investigate this, might reach out for more details.


Leave all to your good hands.

I am experiencing the same issue, has any headway been made on this?

@Trevor_Nelson this was just opened yesterday, and it looks like they’re working on a solution - updates will come here.

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I think we’ve identified the problem, you should see updated dashboard behavior in the next couple days. Thanks for the feedback, all.



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This appears to be working now, thank you!


Yes, I can confirm dashboard layout is retained even after closing tab on browser and reopen the app as well, thank you everyone.

@Peter, I’m not seeing this same dashboard with no ability for panels to be resized. The layout has reverted to a default, and there are no “handles” on the corner to resize them. Has something changed about how these behave?



@Presley_Thompson Nothing should have changed recently - are you looking at it on a mobile device? If not, what browser are you using?

I’m viewing on iOS - iPhone & iPad. In web browsers it’s fine.

I have a second app where I’m not seeing this issue happen… is there a setting somewhere that may cause that?


This is Still happening for me across all our PCs in the office and in the plant, extremely annoying. Is anyone else still experiencing this?

Can you look into it?