Dashboard Layout options

I am wondering if I am missing something when it comes to building a dashboard and getting the default layout what I want. I want this layout - but nothing I do seems to get this - ( I have to tell ALL my users to adjust each view until you get this layout).

What I want as my default layout:

What I built in the dashboard layout section:

I cannot seem to get the right layout without having to adjust. I don’t care for me, but when I have over 200 users doing this it’s hard to monitor. Am I missing something? Is there more I can do to adjust it as the default? Can we add more options:

Extra Large
Extra Wide

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you may not be able to get it. Not every combination is possible. And I don’t feel like this one is. I believe appsheet kinda works in a top down, left to right style.
Also you top image shows 3 views while the dashboard seems to have 4 so Im assuming the 4th is below the 2 views which is most definitely not achievable by default. Appsheet will only fill “1 screen” worth of space.

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Yeah - my snapshot couldn’t show the view below - yes there is one below “Dispatch” - but I took a snapshot of the main (Top) section. So, maybe try - a different combination?

my guess is just try a 2x2 all wides and the users will adjust it to how they please. Or feature request



It really limits desktop configurability since things are set up this way. There is 100% use cases for having dashboards that default to being off the screen or in configurations that just aren’t possible…really sucks.


Yeah. The view at the bottom could come up some. It is really more the entire layout. I need that map - FULL - left to right. Then the rest…