Dashboard not opening panels in new window

Kindly see the attached image. Prior to the highlighted item showing up on the dashboard, I was able to open the panels in full window view. Now I’m not able to do so, how may I disable this behaviour?

What happens when you click that icon?

What happens is it allows me to move the different viz around, in terms of resizing and dropping some off the dashboard. This is not the behaviour I got initially after creating the dashboard. Note: I cannot open the individual viz in full window once I click on the tittle bar.

If I change the size or order of the visualization, once I click the button, everything is restored to the default ordering.

same problem! i already tried almost everything! and i run out of ideas, no one knows what happend! turn back the last update this is a bad one!

I have tested it myself, and already reported this to our developers.
Adding @morgan

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thanks a lot :relaxed:

Hey Everyone! I’ve been rolling out this new adjustable dashboard feature and it has some kinks that you’ve noticed. I just pushed the ability to open views in full screen, and you’ll see that available tomorrow at the latest :slight_smile:


Thanks @morgan.

do you know when the bug will be removed?

@ParisRenteria This seem resolved on the mobile orientation. But not the tablet and full screen web browser.

I spoke too early, actually there is a maximize button on the top right corner of the view in the dashboard to extend this into full screen.

i really need this function active, please dont make updates until test them first, i have several apps into my job and this kind of mistakes makes me difficult convince the enterprise to buy a pro plan. really this is bad!