Dashboard - optionally enable multiple rows/line items selectable as filter

On the dashboard view with interactive mode, currently we select “one” line items out of the views such as table, deck, gallery etc, and the rest of the view on the dashboard will be filtered based on the selection of the row.

I wish to make it possible to optionally change to select multiple number of the rows as filter by selecting rows, then the rest of the views will be filtered accordingly.

I may not make sense we have detail view within dashboard, as it will show only one selected row as detail. However, the dashboard view with list type view only, Deck + Table view of combinations, it would be found more useful if we could select mutiple rows to filter the rest of the views and rows.

Holding down “Shift” key could select multiple items, but dont ask me “how do you select multiple rows on the mobile device”!?

Probably, hit the selected row again to deselect ?