Dashboard Question

Good Morning All,

I have a Dashboard with 3 Views,

Card View, Detail ViewA, Detail View B

DetailViewA has an action to Edit,

On Edit, I want to Navigate to a different Dashboard View With the Same Cardview, DetailViewA, but Replace DetailViewB with a Form,

On Save I would Navigate back to the origanl Dashboard,

Problem is, if the user cancels the form they are stuck in a non functional Dashboard View.

Is there a possible way to get an action on Cancel?

Let me know if you can picture what Im saying.

Nope. :frowning:


Ive Solved This by Enabled Quick Edits for All Columns, But only allowing editing when my Edit column is True.
I put an action on this Detail view to enable/Disable Edits. Works fantastic. Very clean. Much less confusing and more intuitive :slight_smile:


How can you do that? Bucause Form is not allowed in dashboard.

Sorry by this I meant Change the Detail View To Quick Edits.


Thank you for your reply. By now, I think it’s the only solution.