Dashboard sync

Is there a way for when in Dashboard view in a web browser for the data to sync when new data is in? I find myself syncing manually every few minutes

If by “when new data is in” you mean when the spreadsheet or database has new data that the app (in a browser) doesn’t yet have… No, you must sync manually or wait for an automatic sync.

I basicly have a few apps that are used to enter data by users, my dashboard is used by a manager with a different app. All the apps share a few tables. Would there be a way to do that?

There is unfortunately no way to push updates out to other users. AppSheet is inherently not designed to manage real-time data flow.

Thank you for the answer
Could i use an action in some way that instead of a push or email, i will invoke a sync?

Take a look at the at parameter here:

I cant seem to follow, i think i understand deep links, but how may that help me?

If you create an action of type App: go to another view within this app with a target of a deep link that includes the at parameter as described in that page, that action will cause a sync when invoked.