Dashboard table view scrolling bug

I have a view within a dashboard which:
A - It’s displaying in a browser
B - You make the view vertically shorter than the data
C - You’ve scrolled right to the bottom
It misses some or all of the bottom row off (“OTDR Loop” in this case). Seems to be a UX issue as sometimes you can see the top half of that row.

Dashbaord 1

Dashbaord 2

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I am seeing this problem as well. Emulator and Browser views are cutting off the last row.

My iPhone is okay (does ever-so-slightly cut off bottom row)

Ironically, my iPad Pro, which displays like a Browser, actually scrolls up to show more than a rows worth of extra blank space!

Browser View - Can’t scroll more - Row cut off

iPad Pro - Scrolled extra - Extra room at bottom

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